Zebra_Form表单类 v2.8界面预览
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Zebra_Form 是一个 PHP 类用于简化表单的创建和数据验证的php表单类。


Zebra_Form v2.8 Changes:

fixed a bug where the attach_tip() JavaScript method was not working properly; thanks to Andrei Bodeanschi
previously, the placeholders were injected to the bottom of the main document rather than right after the parent element and thus generating issues like placeholder remaining visible when hiding the parent element's container; now the placeholders are injected in the DOM right next to the parent element;
fixed a bug where because of the fact that JavaScript and PHP treat new lines, accented characters and special characters differently (1 byte in JavaScript and 2 or 3 bytes in PHP), server-side validation of a maximum allowed length would sometimes fail if a textarea's value would contain new lines, although client-side validation was ok; thanks to Andrei Bodeanski for spotting it;
fixed a bug where setting the "readonly_element" property to FALSE on a date element had no effect; thanks to bastian
fixed a bug where a date element's "get_date" method was triggering a warning if the the element was not required and no date was selected; thanks to bastian
the "length" rule now accepts a 5th argument instructing the script to show a counter of remaining characters;
added a new method available for text, textarea and password controls, called change_case which can be used to instruct the script to force all letters typed by the user, to either uppercase or lowercase, in real-time;
added documentation on how to access the Zebra_Form object in JavaScript, with examples;
added documentation on how to use AJAX in custom validations (scroll down to the "custom" rule and keep reading);
tweaked the default CSS style of the date control which was a bit too short;
updated Zebra_DatePicker to version 1.2

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