Plone CMS v4.2.4界面预览
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  • 软件语言: 多国语言
  • 运行环境: Python/Mysql
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  • 更新时间: 2013/1/28 9:30:26
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Plone CMS Windows 安装版使用exe封装,并集成了python运行环境,安装后即可以调试网站。


Plone CMS v4.2 Changes:

New collections
Rules-based theming with Diazo
Other enhancements in Plone 4.2:
A simple way to test mail server settings using a form in the mail settings control panel
HTML5 support
A unified interface for listing content or representations of content (such as catalog brains). This makes it possible to widely reuse templates for content listings without modifying them.
Simplified, easier-to-scan search results, including the ability to search within a section, sorting options, and links to items’ locations on the site
Plone's installers will now use Python 2.7 by default. However, Plone will retain support for Python 2.6.

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